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    Hello, Most of the time when i start SourceBoost IDE version 6.81 on my XP Pro, IDE hangs just after writing "Loading Recent project". "News from web" is not checked "New version check" is not checked Any Idea ? Thank's Philippe
  2. Hello Dave, Thank you. I have reduced "code depth" by now because i have version 6.40 I will update to 6.50 Philippe If you are using BoostC V6.50 or later you can use the linker option -swcs (software call stack). Checkout -swcs option in the boost reference manual. This allows a call depth > than the stack size of the processor. Each additional call depth greater than the hardware stack does use an extra byte of RAM, and the code becomes slightly larger. Regards Dave <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  3. Hello, I am a new user of boostC and my first application generates a stack overflow at run time. At linking time i had the message "target call stack depth of 8 may be exceeded". how do i deal with bigger depth ? Thanks for help Philippe
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