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    Tried that before I wrote. No longs used, variables are all unsigned and only a few unsigned shorts used. I can't see what's happening, .asm and .lst files are blank. It compiles fine but crashes at the start of linking due to the RAM limitation.
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    BoostC 6.04 compiled my code for a PIC16f676 leaving 21% of the RAM free. The same code using BoostC 6.10 or 6.11 runs 1% over in RAM usage and fails. Any settings that can be used to correct this?
  3. That's of great help?? I'll let you know what I find.
  4. I've found and issue that caused some of the problem. UART code that hung the simulator unexpectedly. The LCD does work if I comment out any send command on the hardware UART. Commands where the UART only talks when talked to can be used. Unfortunatly this brings up a worse bug. The UART worked fine untill I used a long integer in an AD read. I've rechecked and if I leave adresh & adresl as bytes the UART's fine. But, in order to scale the AD I need to combine them into one 16 bit integer. As soon as I even declare the 16 bit integer the UART's baud rate is off. With optimizatio
  5. I'm seeing the same problem you have. Works for a real LCD & PIC16F877, but doesn't work on the Plug-in. The sample program works with the plug-in, but my code doesn't work with the plug-in. I've tried about everything... still no luck. It would be a helpful debugging tool if it works. Did you ever resolve this???
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