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  1. every line of code after a certain point in my program gives an error. it is all valid code, as there are several sections in a row that are just several copies of the same thing, but with different variables. everything compiles just fine up to this certain point, and then every line it encounters generates an error. if i put '//' before any of the lines generating an error, it just gives an error for the next line it encounters... no matter how many lines I turn into comments, it keeps giving errors on the next ones. the errors it gives are either: general error (in the case of bracke
  2. I'm not sure this is the right section of the forums to be posting this in, I apologize if it's not... here's the section of code where I'm getting errors: if(recock[1]>recock[6]) { recock[1]=recock[1]-recock[6]; maketone(100,1); delay_ms(200); delay_ms(200); } else { recock[1]=0; recock[0]=recock[0]-1; maketone(100,1); delay_ms(200); delay_ms(200); } the errors I get: C2C_RE~1.C(351): Error: General error C2C_RE~1.C(352): Error: General error C2C_RE~1.C(353): Error: Redefinition of 'recock'
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