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  1. An oddity I note in that data is that the 0xCFF9 appears at 0x4200 but, if the 4200 gets divided by two to get the reall addres, then one half of that number goes to address 0x4100.5, which clearly isn't going to happen. Are you able to explain what _does_ happen? Thanks Gordon.
  2. Reinstalled V6.55, working. Ignoriung V6.60 for now.
  3. I've been trying to track down what's happening here, but it seems that V6.60 boostc.pic18.exe will not run properly on my machine from the build or compile buttons, or from the command line. I've reinstalled several times, rebooted once. Nothing. Odd. One other odd symptom that might give a clue. At one point the various build/compile buttons all became greyed out and the only way I could find to get them back was to reinstall.
  4. Hmmm Actually there's something much more fundamental going on here. Even if I exclude _all_ the code using a #if 0, the problem persists. Right now I can't compile at all. Win2K SP4
  5. Hi Guys, I'm seeing a similar crash, though not from struct pointers. The error pop-up reads: And the return error code in SourceBoost is 128 The command line is: The main application is fairly small (around 300 lines), but it includes a very-slightly-patched version of rs232_driver.h. I was going to offer to mail it, but at that size it might as well get attached here.. This code compiled fine in V6.55 in the IDE but I just had a warning/error from MPLAB that my compiler license "has expired" (? .. no it hasn't .. and SourceBoost is OK). I down
  6. You are quite correct, on most devices RA4 is a sinking only port, but on the 16F676 it is a push pull. I'll add this one to the list to be fixed in the simulator. Regards Dave <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Am I right in thinking that this problem is still extant in V6.55? G.
  7. Oh Sugar .. I guess this is the problem: # A/D converter - Only 16F877A and compatible devices supported.
  8. Just for the record, I've just made an update to this project and the ADC function still does not work in the simulator on SourceBoost (now the V6.55 release candidate). FWIW, another project I'm working on right now uses the PIC12F683 .. and again the ADC doesn't work in the simulator. In both cases it works in MPLAM. The 16F676 version works in real hardware; I haven't yet put the 12F683 version into real hardware.
  9. Brain not in gear, sorry... This is PicAntIDE 5.2.3 (though the "about" box still says 5.2.2?) and the target is 16F877A. Gordon.
  10. Hi, I'm really not sure if this is a bug, a pending feature, or just "over to the user", but the Wizard generates a number function templates etc. for I2C, but no code. I wondered if these were templates to match some of the examples, but as they're not, I guess this may be an oversight. Best regards, Gordon Scott.
  11. Hi, The wizard's great, though I'm sure there are still lots of things one could do to improve it. A couple of thoughts I had whilst trialling PicAntIDE, were that the Wizard doesn't keep previous setups and this would be very useful as both a reminder of "what I did" and a base to evolve from. It also occurred to me as I created my own spreadsheet "PIC Resource Allocation Sheet", that this also would be a really handy addition to the Wizards features. Text, CSV, .ini or similar would seem fine to me. This could also be used as the template file. My spreadsheet has the pin-funct
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