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  1. OK, it looks like I just missed out on release 6.60 with the extended expiry date. I should have checked for updates but I'd not long downloaded it so I didn't, and for some reason the 2006-November-30 news item regarding the new release didn't appear on my system in December. I'll try again some time with BoostBasic, but the current project is now in MPLABASM and going ok as it is fairly simple.
  2. Hi Dave et al, I have recently started looking at BoostBasic to ease me into programming PICs, but the licence is set to expire very soon. On building the project it hangs for some time before displaying a nag message, which is really rather annoying. It does then complete the build - is this supposed to happen? Are there plans to issue the compiler on a commercial basis or can we expect an extension to the beta licence (and removal of the nag)? The documentation is a little sparse at present for release I think. I am frequently referring to the C compiler documentation to fill in t
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