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  1. I'm trying to define constants and I'm having some difficulties. I tried something like VB: Const Maxval 225 But that gave me a compilation error. Then, I tried to use the standard #define, but I get another type of problem. Consider this: #define Maxval 225 Dim PotValue as byte PotValue=Maxval The compiler throws an error: Sample_bas.bas(26): error: general error Sample_bas.bas(26): error: failure Exit code was 1 I can make my program work by using variables to hold constants, but it's a waste of precious ram. -Ben
  2. I've just recently acquired a few SX52 prototype boards from Parallax, and I was wondering if I can use BoostC to create C code for it? If not, what was the latest version of C2C that did it? How can I get a copy of it? Thanks! -Ben
  3. Well... It makes no sense, but, I decided to start over. I created a new subdir (test2) copied the test.c file in it, built a new project, and now it builds. I don't understand what's different. Like ryeg said, the startup stuff isn't much fun Thanks for your replies. -Ben
  4. I noticed that too. It looks like the linker line is truncated. But this isn't something I have control over. This was MPLAB's build output. I have not entered this path anywhere. Could it be a typo error in the MPLAB integration files that BoostC installs?
  5. I'm getting the same results, but I can't figure how to make this work. I'm very new at this. Just to make sure that MPLAB would work with the compiler, I made a very small project. Only one c file (test.c) and one library (libc.pic16.lib). I chose a target of PIC16F628. The C file is this: (yes, I know it's missing config fuses but this should not prevent a successful build) #include <system.h> void main(void){ trisa=0; porta=0; } I setup the toolsuite setup like shown in the manual, links to compiler and linker, no paths. In the project libraries, like I me
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