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  1. Sure enough, I found that post after I had made mine, sorry. Deleting the first line works and my programmer goes through alright. It still kinda hangs at the end for a bit but it eventually finishes and things work. Thanks
  2. I am having difficulty programming (writing the hex file to the pic) when I build with boostc, but if i change the toolsuite to c2c-plus and then build it programs fine. I am using a dev board for a 16f877 from ett and the ett software to program. When I call up a hex file that was created via c2c it programs fine (my programming indicator bar and the led on the board show progress) but when I try with the boostc hex, the led lights up and shows progress but the programming software doesn't and it never finishes (the led blinks forever). If I build one of the sample projects for boostc it
  3. I am trying to get some code that I wrote with the C2C-plus (that worked with that) to compile with the BoostC upgrade. I am getting a strange error and I don't know what is causing the problem. void password(void) { char i,j='0'; xcpass: if(j=='1') { line3(); lcd_str(wrong); for(i = 10; i > 0; i--) { wrt_lcd('.'); delay_ms(i * 20); delay_ms(i*20); } } for(i = 0; i < 3; i++) key_press=0; clear_LCD(); line1(); lcd_str(tag); line2(); lcd_str(Cam_Con); line4(); lcd_str(passline); button_handler(); wr
  4. I took a working project where I include the header file for my LCD driver code and copied the .c and .h files to a new directory and made a project including them. I used the -lib command in the extra field to successfully compile the project. I renamed the .asm to a .lib, it was 11kb. I then went back to the original project (where I got the LCD driver files), removed them and included the .lib file. It won't compile. I then looked at the .lib file and all it contained was C2C STX??
  5. I am having a hard time writing to the EEPROM on my PIC16F877. I am using the EEPROM functions which are in the piccode.c file included in the project. I have gone to a main() that just writes to the eeprom and then reads and prints to my lcd. The lcd works great, for instance if I just say wrt_lcd(‘A’); then I get the A on the screen. However, I seem to be getting garbage out of the eeprom read function. Help!! char a,b,d; void main() { asm{ clrf PORTD bsf STATUS,RP0 movlw b'0000
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