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  1. Need your experienced advise. Working on a project where I need the next to program in a master PIC ( in a multi pic system): - USART comms with interrupt receive (RS485) - Soft UART with RB0 interrupt receive (20mA) for 2nd comms port - I2C bus for local I/O - ADC with 16 bit calculations - Set\Clear single pins on ports - Read single pins on ports - RELIABLE Packet transfer through USART & soft UART bus As I read through this forum, there are some issues with the C2C compiler. Being a beginner in C-programming, I would like to have your advise to buy C2C for the above project
  2. I program PIC's now in assembler. I program interrupted serial communications between multiple (max 240) PIC's using soft UART on 1 pin (RB0). I use a 5 byte packet for 1 telegram. There is always a master addressing all the slaves in sequence. Like to learn C programming, like to know if I: Can do Interrupt driven serial comms (soft UART) with packet receive & transmit on 1 pin (RB0)? Can use the hardware UART for the same (offcourse using 2 pins)? Can use var definitions as used in indirect addressing in assembler for packet storage/retrieve? Finally: where to start w
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