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  1. a professor of mine gave me a flow chart of my project yet, its not fully finished... i needed the part to make count up and down.... im using 16F84.... so, RB0-RB3 are outputs connected to a 7447 decoder.... im just in need of help... im not that good in making a program....
  2. to all members, pls help me. i need a program for my poject. it is a binary counter with 2 lasers as a transmitter and 2 LDRs as a reciever. it will count the people coming in and out of a room the counting is from 0-9, when the display displays 1 a light bulb will lit and will continue to lit until the counter reaches 0 to be turned off when the counting reaches 0 or 9 it will stop from counting or hold its position i'm really really thankful if ever someone has given me a program thanks studboy
  3. i need a program for my binary counting with this conditions at hand: when it count 1, a light will lit and always on until 9 but when reaches 0 it will turn off counts up and down 0-9, 9-0 stops counting when reaches 0 or 9 sensors has 2 lasers as transmitters and 2 LDRs as recievers 4 pins of port b is used and will be connected to a 74LS47 the sensors will not count as long as it is not verified by the other sensor thanks for your help, i really need it stud boy studying pic
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