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  1. ok, I have try compile using MPLAB. There are a certain error and warning that I dont know how to solve.Did you know how to solve it. START: clrf PORTA movlw 01000000>>warning(Argument out of range. Least significant bits used) movwf PORTB PAGE1 movlw 00011100>>warning(Argument out of range. Least significant bits used) movwf TRISA ;Port A0-A1 as output, A2-A4 as input movlw 11000000>>warning(Argument out of range. Least significant bits used) movwf TRISB
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I have send email to the author that published EPE tape measure but fortunately he not provide the C code. Only the assembly code is available.
  3. Hi all. This is my first posting I’m working on a project, and I need to use PIC16F84A to display my measurement. Actually, my project is ultrasonic measurer. So the problem here is, I have the assembly code but don't know how to create the code in C. This is because for compile the code using sourceboost IDE, there will be need the C code and compiler will create the asm code and hex file.So from the hex file I can upload it into PIC16F84A for simulation using Porteus software and upload it into the real PIC16F84A. Anyone can give me a tips to solve this problem.Below is the assembly cod
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