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    flying modelplanes;<br>With the C2C-Compiler I will program a infra-red-tranceiver and receiver for little 10gramms planes, to fly indoor.
  1. Hy, I have a proplem. i'm working with PIC 12F675. These PICs have only one Port. It's named "GPIO". In the C2C-Compiler I cann't find any instructions to read out the port "GPIO". If anybody knews a way to read the GPIO-port out, please answer me. Thank you, Daniel
  2. Hy Pavel and David Thank you for your answers. My problem is solved. I have programed it how you said. Now it works. Thank you. Regards, Daniel
  3. Thank you for your answers. I will try it Regards, Daniel
  4. Hello I have downloaded the PICAnt 5.1. This version is not yet registrated. Here is the including part and the reaktion of the compiler. code: # include "system.h" # include "p12F675.h" compiler: line 14: Redefinition of variable indf The line 14 in my own program is empty. But in the line 14 of the include dat. p12F675.h is the definition of the variable indf. I don't know what I can do. If you know what I make false please answer me. Thank you. Daniel
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