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  1. I found the technique in post 1 of this link to be helpful in storing large amounts of data. In my case I strung together 10*256bytes on an 18F. http://forum.sourceboost.com/index.php?showtopic=3660 David.
  2. Hi. If you are using normal servos then they will be expecting a pulse of between 1 and 2ms every 20ms. I'd guess your two controls are aileron (or rudder) and elevator. They don't need to be operated exactly together so you can simply make servo1 go high for between 1 and 2ms then low, then do the same for servo2. Then wait about 17ms and start again. The 1-2ms is important but the 20ms timing is not. You might be able to do this with delays, or otherwise just wait for a 16bit timer to reach appropriate values before making ports high/low. If your motor control is via a commercial electro
  3. Thanks. I think Pg65 of BoostC pdf in 6.91rc3 needs updating. Regards, David.
  4. I use the approach in post 7 but with reference diodes instead of zeners. These can be extremely accurate. Farnell sometimes have them in 10v although 5v and less are more common. I have 2 examples on my site. Follow the 'back' button at the foot of both pages. This will take you to a circuit description which explains how I use them. http://www.flyelectric.ukgateway.net/bal3-cct.htm http://www.flyelectric.ukgateway.net/lithtester2-cct.htm Regards, David.
  5. Thanks Reynard. I normally typedef u8 as char and 'volatile u8' seems to work. Cheers, David.
  6. Should I be able to do this? Compiler gives error (v6.90): Regards, David. typedef volatile unsigned char v8;
  7. I can't keep up :-) Thanks for the regular updates. Regards David.
  8. This seems a useful way of creating large arrays but the bug does not seem fixed in v6.89. Overlooked perhaps? Regards, David.
  9. The uitoa_dec function in this design may help you http://www.flyelectric.ukgateway.net/pic-lcd1.htm David.
  10. I'm not sure if PicKit2 does low voltage programming but it definitely does high voltage (the manual refers to a 12v Vpp). No mods are needed to the programmer. The config I gave you works perfectly on a default install of PicKit2. It is normal to link the Pic's MCLR pin to Vdd with a 10k resistor to prevent a floating input and random resets. While you are struggling, make sure nothing else is connected to the MCLR, PGD or PGC pins as extra circuitry can interfere with programming, especially the clock pin. dt.
  11. I've used the following successfully on a 16F88 (when looking up these settings in the data sheet note that Fosc uses bits 4, 1 and 0; can be confusing): #pragma DATA 0x2007, 0b11111101010000 //Config1 #pragma DATA 0x2008, 0b00 //Config2 I recall reading about a special low voltage setting which can be used to recover Pics. You'll need to troll through some of the posts: http://forum.microchip.com/tt.aspx?forumid=15 David.
  12. DavidT


    An old project would not compile. Displayed "Building..." at the bottom and nothing else. I installed it to a '685' folder and my previous version was to a '683' folder. When I looked at Settings/Options/Tools the Compiler&Link Directory field had defaulted to C:\Program Files\SourceBoost683\ I've had to change this manually to my new directory. I don't remember having to do this before. David.
  13. I time or debounce push-button presses in interrupts with this: for(i=0; i<100; i++) nop(); Regards, David.
  14. 1. Can you create a list of 'favourite' devices perhaps at the top of the Target drop down list. I'm sure most of us use a very small number of devices. 2. To maximise the size of the main editing panel, can you reduce the rows taken to display key messages at the end of the Output window. I like to see the 3 'Memory Usage Report' rows but would then like one more row that says something like "Successful but with 'x' warning messages/'y' errors". I then know whether to scroll up or not. 'Done' is redundant I think and the empty rows at the end are waste of space (empty rows higher up a
  15. The comparators can make ports toggle so it's also worth switching them off. I'm normally specific with my analogue/digital config. David. ansel = 0; cm1con0.7 = 0; cm2con0.7 = 0;
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