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  1. Very nice of you. I like this kind of tools. Code generated is simple and clear. I hope you expand chip coverage. Cut and paste is not a big problem for me.
  2. In ver 5.2.2 Pic ant IDE, when I start with wizard by checking off Use ADC, IO ports setting for PORTA is disabled and all IOs are set to input. Is it a bug or something wrong with my operation ?
  3. I am writing for 16f877 code with PicAntIDE 5.0.6. and met warning saying "Too many temporary variable" and "Can't map context saving variables into mapped ram area. check if the picant4.pat or picant2.pat script is used (in the script directory)" My question is How do I set picant4.pat or picant2.pat to be used in IDE. And there is no picant4.pat or picant2.pat in the script directory. thanks for your advice. Yuki
  4. Tahnks. By changing "00000110" to "00000110b" , LED portb 0 comes on. However, it seems RCIF never be cleared. The code runs continuously in the interrupt routine. Main routine is not executed. I put ADM485 to RC7/RX but physically any RS485 device is not connected. "rcvdata=rcreg;" should reset RCIF.
  5. Hi, I wrote some code to check 16F877 interrupts. In this code below, LEDs are connected to all portb and #2 of portd. When I run this code, LED (portb,4) switching on and off but LED (portb,3:timer1) stays OFF. LED (portd,2) in the main loop keeps ON. Are there anythig wrong with my code ? Thsnks for your help in advance. #include char rcvdata; /*20MHz*/ #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 20000000 /********************************************/ /* interrupt routine */ /********************************************/ void interrupt(void) { cl
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