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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has seen this. I have just purchased the Pro version of Sourceboost from a reputable source (Farnell). When I attempt to install it, my copy of Norton stops the installation, reporting a trojan. The file in question is is-jiev3.tmp which is found in C:\program files\sourceboost. My boss needs this to be clarified before I can proceed with the installation. Is this really a trojan, or is Norton being over cautious? I can find nothing about this file. Many thanks & best regards.
  2. Thanks Dave, I realised this about 1 minute after posting and proved it about 1 minute and 20 seconds after posting. Great compiler, by the way. I'm really enjoying using it. Best regards.
  3. When using rom char* , the text is not getting placed in ROM. Strangely, I have this working on another project without problems. Anyone have any ideas? I am using a PIC12F675, V6.60 of the compiler. #include <system.h> rom char *message = "Test message"; // this is not being placed in ROM void main() { etc; } Thanks.
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