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  1. Hi, The CPSCON0 and CPSCON1 registers are missing from the header files of the PIC16F72X Is there a specific reasonfor that? I have added the following to the header files: ("PIC16F72x.h" #define CPSCON0 0x0108 #define CPSCON1 0x0109 and volatile char cpscon0 @CPSCON0; volatile char cpscon1 @CPSCON1; Is this correct? It seems to compile fine. I originally had a program in debug mode, but it seems it was an MPLAB problem.
  2. Bug description: When using a GLOBAL signed long variable, it fails to initialize to 0. The 3rd byte does not clear and all attempts to clear it fails. When using a local signed long the problem does NOT seem to occur. Tried the following: signed long ul1; ul1 =0; // fails ul1 = ul1&0x00000000; Using the float.h and float.pic16.lib Steps to reproduce: signed long ul1; void function(void) { ul1=0; } Expected behaviour: The 3rd byte of the variable fails to clear Is the problem 100% reproduceable: Happens every time. Cannot make it go away. IDE ve
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