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  1. Follow my sample code posted here and you will fix the problem: http://forum.sourceboost.com/index.php?showtopic=4531
  2. Reynard, thank you so much for the help. There is a single instruction missing in the EE_Get_Int(). The fix is, the "eecon1.CFGS = false;": Kind Regards Bernard
  3. Yes, the code is old, i have not used/updated it for while. I have swopped bits 1 and 2 in the following definitions. #define state_3 0b00001100 // State 3 (0x0C) - SSPSTAT bits: D_A = 0, S = 1, R_W = 1, BF = 0 #define state_4 0b00101100 // State 4 (0x2C) - SSPSTAT bits: D_A = 1, S = 1, R_W = 1, BF = 0 the bug results in a State of 0x0A and 0x2C, which will not allow you to read data from the slave correctly. > My apologies, I did not update the version and date in the source file which I uploaded (after I made the corrections).
  4. I now have the I2C_Slave working on the 16F88. See the downloadable demo code, processor config is straight forward. and review this post: I2C Bug Report
  5. Hi all - I found a bug in my I2C Slave demo code. State 3 & 4 are incorrectly defined. The following lines of code corrects the bug: #define SSPSTAT_BIT_MASK 0b00101101 // Mask for I2C status bits // bit 0 BF: Buffer Full Status bit // bit 2 R/W: Read/Write bit Information (I2C mode only) // bit 3 S: START bit // bit 5 D/A: Data/Address bit (I2C mode only) // AN734a DS00734A-page 10 - Definitions for Older Devices //--------------------------------------------------------------------- // The I2C code below checks for 5 states: // S 1 = Start condition occuurred last // R/W 0 =
  6. Hi all, Bit of an old thread, but... Have you ever made this Slave code work? I am busy porting my 16F887 Slave code to 16F88 and scanning the forums for any issues... Please - let me know.
  7. Before I post this question on the dreaded Microchip Forum, I would like to see if somebody else ran into this problem. For the first time I would like to build a project in Microchip MPLAB V8.36 which has include files and library files in different directories. I have added the –I and –obj switches to the BoostC compiler. For the source files located outside the project directory, one needs to uncheck the “Inherit Global Settings” checkbox under the Build Options and hit the apply button, but there seems to be a bug there as the settings does not get saved by MPLAB and the Apply Button p
  8. It is going to be a FAT help, it will do the trick. Thank you.
  9. I have been using 24FC512 EEPROMS. Now I need much more memory space. Can anyone help or has anyone written C code for a SD Memory card I can use to get me started?
  10. Excellent! I somehow missed it in the header file....
  11. I would like to software reset/reboot the 18F4550. Can someone point me in the right direction? For the 16F chips I used the following code:
  12. Yes it does. Receive and Transmit. I build the 3 channel IR transmitter form sixca and the receiver from code on the EDABOARD website. There are 100s of sites with schematics, code and information.
  13. Hi Ian, I constructed my board last weekend and tested the hardware with the Microchip Bootloader & MCHPFSUSB Demo code. The hardware works fine for the MCHPFSUSB demo. I have not tested the Micochip CDC firmware on the board. I have compile the PIC Pack Rc1 demo however, it does not enumerate on the USB Bus (yet). The RS232 portion works, I get the messages and can input the a command. I don't attach to the USB - and when I de-attach I get to: serial_print_str(" don't own it! "); Can you recommend a USB Sniffer to use in order so see if data is flowing IN/OUT and help
  14. I have done so. I also included the schematic of the USB Test Board I have build. RSABear
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