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  1. Frederic, this may or may not help... You might try changing "?:" operators that are like this: expression ? value1 : value2 to something like this: (expression)!=0 ? value1 : value2 Dave, Maybe the following will help you debug this. Both these bugs ("Linker Internal Error" and "CompilerCrash") might relate to the ?: operator. (Though the former bug also appears to depend on 'random' stuff like filename and line number). ---------------------------------------------------------------- BUG 1 of 2, "Linker Internal Error": ... typedef unsigned char u8
  2. I too 'randomly' get this error message. Senario. projects contain 1 main source file and numerous includes. Linking fails as shown below. This has now happened to me on two projects. Once it started, the 'project' remains unbuildable, until.... The project that broke for me yesterday works today - but a new project is broken today. Simply renaming the .c file and recompiling/relinking using the new (base)name, works. -- Fredric, thanks very much for the "moving the code did work" tip. Another tip: Inserting a blank line at the top of the source file may help. .duanec
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