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  1. emte, lab1 is an inline assembly label (defined within the asm braces) rather than a variable, and so should be referred to as lab1 in any assembly branch instructions. If you mean replace 'bra lab1' with 'bra $+6' then no, this will not compile.
  2. Bug description: Inline assembly: bra won't link Steps to reproduce: The following example code will compile, but not link: void blink(void) { asm { btfss _porta,2 bra lab1 bsf _porta,3 bsf _porta,4 lab1: bsf _porta,7 } } The linker gives the following error: failure Error: ID referenced doesn't exist yet, original ID:0x0000011A in Function: 'blink(void)' in File: 'tryout.obj' Substituting the bra with a goto allows the code to link. If _asm is used, the goto is optimised to a bra. Expected behaviour: The code links. Is the problem 100% reproduceable:
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