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  1. I have found the IDE does not like spaces in filenames or directories, under certain conditions. One condition being when .h files are included from (directories with spaces in their names) from outside the project directory. some issues I've noted are: 1. IDE cannot highlight errors in these external .h files. 2. Build button ignores changes in the said .h files, when changes have been made since last build. (This is assuming you have NOT compiled since, and the "compile box" is checked under build options) These error are 100% reproducible. I seems to make n
  2. Hi, There seems to be a problem with the class destructors, they do not seem to be called when the class loses scope, in fact although they do not cause a compiler error, they do not appear to be compiled into the source code at all. Do you have another destructor "declaration name" that needs to be used instead of "tilde" (~) + "class name" ?? Regards... Tim #include <system.h> class Test { Test(); ~Test(); int c; }; Test::Test() { c = 0; } Test::~Test() { c = 1; // This Destructor member is not called } ScopeTestFunction() { class Test t; } void main() {
  3. Hi Pavel, I tried that and yes I can see the data in memory, and access it outside the class, but the class members themselves, can't access it! In fact the class members are accessing a completely different section of memory, and will cause corruption if used to try and change values of the variables. *********** My mistake about build versions, I saw different modified dates and assumed they were different. Obviously just a feature of windows file system. *************** Although I am a paid licence holder, If I were to pay for the support option, would this all
  4. Hi Pavel, Thanks for your quick reply. I tried your advice but the problem still remains!! I did wonder if we were working on the same "Build version", and so download the program this morning, and yes it was a different version!! I would like to make a suggestion that a Build number be added to the download page. I realise this will increase site traffic, but there must also be people just downloading every day, just "in case" there is a new build available! Back to the problem: I have added 2 C++ programs again to show the bug. (Both "without" Constructors)
  5. Hi, I have been experiencing corruption of private 'class' data. I am using win2k, SourceBoost 6.70, with a 16F887 target. It would appear that a "variable char array" or (pointer array using alloc) delared as private class data, becomes over written. I have included code to show the problem below. The commented out sections are the alternative "pointer method" which produce the same symtoms. The problem can be seen using the built-in debugger, although any 'watched' internal class variables show 'error' but the 'CharBuff' variable in main shows the corrupt extracted data.
  6. Hi People, I'm having problems using the "new" operator to allocate memory. The code below throws up a "Missing semicolon" error. Can anyone let me know what I'm doing wrong?? I'm using BoostC++ ver 6.70 Many Thanks Tim #include <system.h> #include "Testing New.h" #include <system.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #include <memory.h> void main() { char *buffer = new char[ 15 ]; }
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