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  1. Hi! Is it possible to use serial communication without an rs233/rs232-circuit? Cheers, lalle
  2. Howdy! Well not tested that code, but i know that it works, i have an printf-function (char pointer), so the output is working as it should. Could it be some error in my MAX233-circuit? Cheers, lale
  3. Hi, lalle again! Now getchar(); returns random crap-chars...
  4. Hi! Im working on a small robot, now when i tried to send commands to it (It == 16F84 @ 10MHz) it dosnt work. I could putchar('m'); without any problems, but i cant read any chars, while(1) { putchar(getchar()); } (echo) dosnt work, i also tried to power up a lamp... Nothing hapends, any ideas? Mvh Lars
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