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  1. Following the above ....... The creation of arrays seems to be at fault. unsigned char Array[5] ........ should produce 6 locations 0 - 5 Array[5] = '5'; should put '5' into array at location 5 a = Array[5]; In this example 'a' will not be '5' If the array is made larger say ... static char Array[6] then Array[5] works as it should and I assume Array[6] is now faulty but I have not checked. The contents are constant, nott varying, and so are being read from somewhere. IDE version: SourceBoost IDE version 7.30 Com
  2. Bug description: When using debug the port is not shown correctly Steps to reproduce: main() { trisa = 0x00; porta = 0x3f; } Expected behaviour: This should show 0x37 for porta instead it shows 0x1f (I suspect confusion between port_bit and chip pin number .... RA3 is input only and is pin 4, RA4 is R/W on pin 3) Is the problem 100% reproduceable: Yes IDE version: SourceBoost IDE version 7.12 and 7.20 Compiler: Compiler BoostC Compiler version: Compiler version & ..... I think Target device: PIC12F1822 OS: O
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