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    Bugs In Boostc++

    Short followup on bug 1... Actually, removing the #include didn't quite cut it. The rom array was still included in the asm. I had to remove the file in question from the project! Regards /Stefan
  2. Hi there! I have tried out the newest version of BoostC++ (v6.80) and it's a great improvement of an already great compiler. But I may have stumbled upon some bugs. Four bugs, or at least 3 bugs and an annoyance :-) There is a saying that "it's never the compilers' fault", and I may be wrong, but I think these are real bugs. My evaluation system is: * A standard XP SP2 laptop * SourceBoost v6.80, specifically BoostC++ (not registered yet) * PicKit 1 * A 12F675 (internally clocked) BUG 1 Optimization removes unused functions, which is really good. But when a f
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