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  1. Found the cockpit error Reynard. I assumed PortA was placed inline in order. Not so! It goes 01234576. I thought it was 01234567. Like I said, cockpit error. Thanks for your help. Carlos
  2. Thanks for the interest and help. Will not work with mine. I can easily rewire using A1 A2 instead of A6 A7 an salvage the pcb. I was wondering if it works correctly why is the bug affecting your code? Carlos
  3. Hi Yes the config is INTO67. The pins do work as I/O but will not control the LCD.using lcd_header.h in LO nibble mode. I've rewired the board and all is OK using A for control port and HI nibble. Yeah, I've used the standard Boost C LCD setup for some time using any port for control. This was the first time using those 2 lines for control. Thanks... Carlos
  4. Found the problem! Can't use RA6 and RA7 as control pins for LCD.Probably due to the fact all chips can't operate without crystal. Or sumtin' like 'at. Rewired the board to use Hi nibble. No luck! Then I rewired and used RA1,2 and 3 as LCD control port. Works just fine as usual. Carlos
  5. Well, I discovered that RC1 is always a 1. This pin is multiplexed with the CCP2 module. This may be interfering with data to LCD. There is also a connection between Timer1 and CCP2. Turning on T1OSCEN changes Dig I/O on RC1 to Analog. Crazy stuff here. I have turned off the CCP2 module using ccp2con = 0 but nothing clears RC1 I have tried to set it to work with its alternative RB3 but can't change it in the config bits for 3H. Anyone got an answer here? I don't know what else to try. Carlos
  6. I have a problem with the LCD setup. PIC is 18F2520 Here is the code: #define LCD_ARGS 1, /* Interface type: mode 0 = 8bit, 1 = 4bit(low nibble), 2 = 4bit(upper nibble) */ \ 0, /* Use busy signal: 1 = use busy, 0 = use time delays */ \ PORTC, TRISC, /* Data port and data port tris register */ \ PORTA, TRISA, /* Control port and control port tris register */ \ 6, /* Bit number of control port is connected to RS */ \ 4, /* Bit number of control port is connected to RW */ \ 7 /* Bit numbe
  7. I erased all the files except .c and recompiled. Works OK now Thanks... Carlos
  8. OK Thanks for the quick response. Carlos
  9. I had to reinstall my system and can't get the full BoostC license to work. I downloaded V6.97 and preg file loaded the key sucessfully it said. IDE does not recognise the key. I'm restricted to only 2K of memory. Worked OK before crash... Can someone help me on this?
  10. Worked exactly correct !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks my friend... Carlos
  11. Reynard I'm gonna try that last example. I noticed you did not float Dialer. Carlos
  12. The value of Dialer is dynamic and may change 10 times a second. There's my problem. Carlos
  13. I guess I'm not saying it correctly. Dialer is a long and is set to a value in the program at various places . It must come into Calc() and remain set to it's value. OK How can I keep Dialer unchanged? Hope you have an answer... Carlos
  14. Well I tried that but once you declare float the variable is blank. I had to have Dialer set before the call. It was automatically set in other functions. Tried and tried but no luck. Still I learned a lot about float. ha ha Forget it! Thanks for your interest in my problems.... Carlos
  15. Problem solved. Did not need FP after all. Carlos
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