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  1. The compiler is having a problem with the UNARY operator in the following piece of Code: latch_data() { char i = 0; gpio |= LE; // set the bit, raising LE HIGH gpio &= !LE; // bring LE low again, data is latched } When the last line is compiled into the code, an error message is generated reading; "Unexpected UNAR operation". If you remove the last line, then the code compiles without errors. This is a BUG, and would like to know when a fix could be available. This is a pretty common operation in embedded programming and with out it, coding is u
  2. There appears to be a problem with compiling a line of code with a UNARY operator in it. For example; // //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // LATCH_DATA function // // Causes the LE pin on the LMX2326 to toggle, // // latching data // // written into DATA port into the internal LMX2326 // // registers // // // // Entry:
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