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  1. This is a limitation of the current compiler. We plan to fix it but this won't happen soon because the cause of the problem is in third-party code that we have little control of. Not sure what you mean by "even though CtrlPort = PORTA;" but with your defines after preprocessor replaces all macros the code will look like: volatile bit rs@= PORTA.= 2 = 1; what from compiler point is total garbage. Regards, Pavel Touche on the defines... error on my part. The reason the declared and initialized variables would not work is still in question in my mind. why is
  2. Hi Pavel, Thanks for the quick help. That does not seem to be a standard C++ programming convention. Typically, the class identifier is used during the definition of the class object (in the .h file), but not in the declaration of the defined object (in the .c file)... This convention seems a little strange, why does the compiler require class declaration to be done this way? Thanks for the help on this. I'll give it a shot tommorrow. Another problem I ran into was in my attempt to define I/O variables in the class where say : volatile bit rs@CtrlPort.RS = 1; The c
  3. Here is the code: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Production Counter Module - LCD Driver Class //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Author: Nate Nivens // October 27, 2007 // Original C Source Code - lcd_driver.h by SourceBoost // Custom class adaptation of LCD driver provided with SourceBoost C++ compiler // Designed to operate with DCI081A LCD Module or // ABC008001A06-TGN-R (B/W version) provided by AV Display (North America) Ltd // Added power and LCD contrast ON/OFF controls // // How
  4. Hello, How does Novo RTOS handle MCU sleep commands? MCU sleep is necessary in many ultra low power applications. Can the MCU be put into sleep mode and woken up by hardware interrupt? Can the RTOS be used with the WDT? I'm new to RTOS usage forgive the nub questions... Regards, Nate
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