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  1. I think the SSP Mode Select bits are setup incorrectly in the McFarlam's Picdem 2 + demo code. These are bits 3-0 in SSPCON1. #ifdef _PIC16 sspcon = 00101000b; // 16F877 has the same register, it's just labelled differently. #else sspcon1 = 00101001b; // Enable the serial port and configures the SDA and SCL pins as the serial port pins #endif // I2C Master mode, clock = FOSC/(4 * (SSPADD + 1)), clock polarity == 0. According to the comments on the last line in the above code, the first 4 bits of sspcon1 should be 1000 and not 1001. Indeed, the temperature senso
  2. Well, I got it working, with my super reinstallation skills. I reinstalled both MPLAB and Sourceboost, pointing the MPLAB integration to ..Microchip\MPLAB IDE\ as opposed to ..\Microchip\. Don't know if that did anything different. I then tried to set the language tool locations in MPLAB but they were already set... Perhaps residual settings from the previous installation? Anyway, it compiled, linked and ran with the LCD working correctly. I include the build output here for reference sake because there are differences. It actually says "success" now after the compiling stage
  3. No luck just yet on this end getting the LCD work. I have the new Picdem 2 + (RoHs compliant version) which shipped with the 18F4520, uses PORTD instead of PORTA for the LCD control lines and requires bit 7 of PORTD to be set for the LCD to receive power. I integrated the BoostC compiler with MPLAB 7.6 via the installation program. (Although it appears to have placed the files in the C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPLAB IDE\Core\MTC Suites folder as opposed to the "Third Party" folder as the BoostC Reference manual suggests it will do on p. 15) The Dan McFarland's Picdem 2 + demo
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