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  1. I followed your advise and used the i2c driver that comes with distribution. However I am still having problems. When I turn on the LCD it only displays "LCDO3 REVISION7 I2C MODE @ 0XC6" but it doesnt clear the screen or write text to it. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated. Here is my code: #include <system.h> #define PIC16F877A #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 20000000 #include <string.h> #define i2c_ARGS 3, PORTC, TRISC, 4, PORTC, TRISC, e_SSPCON1, e_SSPCON2, \ e_SSPSTAT, e_SSPBUF, e_SSPIF_BIT, e_SSPIF_PIR, \ e_BCLIF_BIT, e_BCLIF_PIR
  2. Hello, I am inexperienced with using LCD's to output data using PIC's. I have a devantech LCD03 that is capable of operating in serial or I2C mode. The LCD manufacturer website provides an example code using I2C compiled with HITECH - C. I am having trouble getting this thing to work. Ive read alot of articles on using I2C and serial but I cant get it to work with either mode. This is what I have so far: CODE: #include <system.h> #define PIC16F877A #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 20000000 #include "serial.h" int main() { // Port configuration adcon1 = 0x06; //all digita
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