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  1. I've tested it for real and it works great! thank you!
  2. Twomers, You're bloody right! I looked in the 4bit example for lcd in sourceboost and there was LCD_Setup(); used wíth capitals, so I thought I had to use that...Bit stupid actually. But thank you!
  3. Dave, sorry for my late reaction but I thought it wasn't posted because internet was knocked out... Now I have a new problem. I have bought the extra plugins pack, I thought that was much easier... The following code doesn't work....it probably is a little dumb thing I think but I can't find it. #include <system.h> //Target PIC16F628a configuration word #pragma DATA _CONFIG, _PWRTE_ON & _WDT_OFF & _HS_OSC & _CP_OFF & _LVP_OFF & _BOREN_OFF & _DATA_CP_OFF //& _MCLRE_ //Set clock frequency #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 20000000 #define MAX 255 #define
  4. Hello, I'm trying to use a lcd-display on a pic16f872 microcontroller. I think I have connected the display correctly because it clears when I call for lcd_clear(); (connected to PORTC and the control bits to PORTA). But the problem is that I'm not sure which function to call when I want to write a sentence on the display. My question is: Which function do I have to use to write to de LCD and with which parameters do I have to call it? The code I've written so far: #include <system.h> //Target PIC16F872 configuration word #pragma DATA _CONFIG, _PWRTE_OFF & _WDT_OFF &
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