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  1. Many thanks Carlos, it is indeed working now, it appears the #define arguments for the lcd display must be included BEFORE the #include <lcd_driver.h>. Also, there is an error in my #define LCD_ARGS thingy Thanks Carlos!
  2. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried a load of things such as including the header files in the project, copying the template out into it... I cant find any significant difference between this and the example... Thanks in advance
  3. Serial Tx/Rx In Bitbanged and UART mode I2C Tx/Rx bitbanged (and in hw if available) 1 Wire Tx/Rx bitbanged (and hw if available) LCD Interface (HD44780 & Nokia) EEPROM (internal/external) I think they would be pretty cool... I know there is code there already for a lot of it, but I think some of the documentation could be improved on it... also, any other examples, maybe tying some of them together would be cool... I think a beneficial addition would be a site, or sub-section of the main sourceboost page in which people could showcase or describe their projects would allow for
  4. I placed my opinion of BoostC and my future intentions on http://www.theobsolete.com, here is a quote...
  5. I have been trying to get the LCD Driver routines working on the PIC16F684 (Which is properly defined in the project file) however, when executing the lcd_setup(), lcd_clear() and lprintf() functions I get errors, the lcd_driver.h file is definitely included. I have also checked the lcd sample project to ensure I wasnt missing any other header or library files from the project, I dont believe I am... The code I am using is: /* BoostC HD44780 Interface */ #include <system.h> #include <lcd_driver.h> //#prgama CLOCK_FREQ 8000000 #pragma DATA _CONFIG, _BOD_OFF & _MCLRE_O
  6. Im new to using BoostC, I recently bought a standard license copy from Maplin (Ireland), but I am having a few issues when trying to compile some code... /* SERIAL RGB LED CONTROLLER STEVEN MOUGHAN P: PIC12F675 C: 4MhZ DESIGNED USING SOURCEBOOST IDE COMPILE USING BOOSTC GPIO0: RED PWM : OP GPIO1: GRN PWM : OP GPIO2: BLU PWM : OP GPIO3: MCLR : IP GPIO: SERIAL TX : OP GPIO: SERIAL RX : IP 1ms xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx p 2ms START BIT(1) -> ADDRESS -> FUNCTION -> VALUE -> STOP BIT(0) ADDRESS: 0x00 is reserved for broadcast FUNCTION: 0X00 RED, 0X01, GREEN, 0X02 BLUE, 0X03 SE
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