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  1. Hi Pavel! Thanks for looking. Somehow, I just pulled the pragma line to the top (I also have other pragma for eeprom and configuration bits) and it worked! Thank you very much! (Thanks to trossin too!) Best regards, Nelson Viegas
  2. Hi there! Thanks for your help. I've looked again at the b.b. manual, and although there's an example that uses the CLOCK_FREQ pragma, b.b. doesn't seem to know it. When compiling it gives out the following: _.bas tc_proj.bas(13): warning: unknown or invalid pragma (ignored) Any ideas? Best regards, Nelson
  3. Hi all! Been testing the BoostBasic editor & compiler and it's a great product indeed. Get's even better if you buy the plugins. I have this question... I did a sample coding for a 4Mhz 16F628A PIC, which worked right away! (Nothing too dificult to make a LED go on and off). Between the on and off cycle, I did a delay_s(1), which worked great. Now I changed the PIC speed up to 20Mhz, and the 1 second delay is no more 1 second but just a few miliseconds. I tried to tell BB that the speed was now 20Mhz in the only place I found (clock rate under settings). Did not make a diference. Is
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