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  1. I'm going to be a complete pain in the butt here everyone - sorry! Firstly, I am absolutely loving using SourceBoost BoostC. The IDE is fantastic and the language is very clean and easy to understand. OK, to my situation! My project is to build a GPS NMEA signal to LCD using a microcontroller. I would (at minimum) like to take one of the standard $GPRMC or $GPGGA strings that is being output by a GPS device (a Garmin eTrex), extract the information (lat, long, date, time, number of satellites) and output them onto the LCD screen. As from my previous post (getting an o
  2. OK, I'm a plonker... The correct pragma configuration word might be helpful... *DOH* *DOH* *DOH* AND The negative voltage to supply the contrast pin? Now positive and working fine 'n' dandy... Sorry guys and girls! At least I'm finding and resolving the problem myself lol!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm having some 'reet problems getting any output to a 44780 16x2 LCD driven by a 16F627. I use BoostC with SourceBoost IDE and have also purchased the plug-ins pack. I have spent a good number of days trying to get even a basic "Hello World" output onto the LCD display on my breadboard circuit. My Schematic is as follows: Note: My schematic shows that the contrast pin of the 44780 is "not connected" - it IS connected using a 10K potentiometer that provides an approximate NEGATIVE 2V (-2V). The BoostC code for my 16F627 is as follows: #include
  4. The plugins need to be registered before they will work and give you exactly this error. Run preg.exe, select the plugins radio button and enter the name and key supplied on the plugin license. Regards Dave Aye, my bad I found it out just now and instantly thought to myself "DOH"! thank You anyway Dave
  5. Hi Guys & Girls, I have recently downloaded and installed SourceBoost IDE v6.84 as per the instructions on the sourceboost website. This was 100% successful. I then dowloaded and installed the plug-ins package (obviously I had closed down the main IDE program) After the plug-ins package had installed I ran the preg.exe program (both preg.exe and ide.exe are in the same directory). This ran successfully with my name, serial and choice of "SourceBoost IDE" radio button selected. -> resulted in a popup message saying that it had completed successfully. After clickin
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