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  1. There are no built-in 24 bit data types. As far as we know there are no PIC compilers that have 24 bit data types. SourceBoost IDE does not reopen files that we open in previous session. We plan to add this feature eventually but this is a low priority item and it won't happen soon. Regards, Pavel All compilers from Knudsen Data (CC5X , CC8E , CC7A and CC1B - first 3 products for PIC , the last for SX) have the bit type + signed and unsigned types of 8 , 16 , 24 and 32 bit data , in addition it has 16 , 24 , 32 bit float types - and math lib's for it all. You can find
  2. I've noticed that in the BoostC (sourceboost) supported device list there is no SX's (which was supported by c2c) , have you totally abandoned this chip - or will you be supporting it in the future? - maybe a separate compiler?. Checking around there is not many choices (SXC from CCS [$199] & SXC from Bytecraft [$795 - DOS] / [$1495 - WIN]). And it is quite a nice micro. Kind regards Henrik
  3. Hi Dave I'm wondering why I can't replace the 16F690.h include file and define my register variables in all caps. It compiles with no errors but the linker throws, duplicate global definitions for STATUS, INDF, FSR, PCL I've only def'd them once. Just bought the compiler & does,nt know it yet , but the reg's you´re mentioning here is very often saved during irq's and/or is used for indirect RAM-access , maybe the compiler is using these names internally & because of this you can't (re)declare them. This could be avoided if internally declared variables was preceided with a _
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