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  1. Since I have not seen any updates or responses in some time could you please let us know if your products are still supported and if the newer devices will be added soon or should we start looking at other compliers? Thanks! Randy
  2. Any update on support for this chip? Thanks, RJS
  3. Hi Reynard, Nope hadn't tried that but that was the solution - Thanks!!! I went back to the documentation but didn't see anything about the large libs. Randy
  4. Hey Reynard, Well I found the problem but I am not sure how to fix it. I am using the -idx 2 option for 2 byte indexing which I need in this program. if I take out the code that requires this and trun off the option if links fine. Randy
  5. Ok I am sure I am missing something but I have the rand.h header file included and both the libc.pic18.lib and rand.pic18.lib file set in the library files but I continue to get the following errors: Error: Unresolved external function:'rand(void)' Error: Unresolved external symbol, function:rand
  6. Thanks Reynard! I see that the Microchip documents do state 1E000h as the EEPROM address, however, when programming the device this does not work. I am not sure if MPLAB is not interperting it correctly or just an error in the document but if you set _EEPROM to F000h the data is written to the EEPROM in the correct location. I hate modifying header files as they will get over written next time I update so I just set the correct value in my code. Randy
  7. The header file for the 12F1822 also has the same incorrect address
  8. The header file, PIC12LF1822.h, contains an incorrect address for the 12LF1822 MCU, the file states 0x1E000 but the correct address is 0xF000. Thanks, Randy
  9. Can someone please point me to a list of the new features in 7.0? Thanks, Randy
  10. I was able to get it working. The BoostCPic16.h files did not contain entrys for the 12F1822 but the headers were there so I just edited BoostCPic16.h. Hopefully it will be corrected in 7.02. Thanks! Randy
  11. I just upgraded to 7.0 and was expecting to see support for the 12F1822. I saw a few references to it in the forum but nothing indicating if it is supported. Can you please let me know if it is and I am just missing something or when it will be supported? Thanks, RJS
  12. Has anyone been able to integrate the ICD 3 Command Line utility (ICD3CMD.EXE) in to the SourceBoost IDE? If so how did you do it? I seem to be missing where to configure the command line options within the IDE.
  13. Any near term plans to support the new 16F19xx chips? Thanks, RJS
  14. There is no way yet. This is on our todo list. Regards Dave I can confirm that the updated linker fixes the problem - downloaded to 18f2620 and confirmed working. I agree with Mac - a pragma for the -rb option would be much nicer than having to use the ide command line settings dialog - means the bootloader config could be automated before building. cheers Ian. Soooo where would one get this new linker from? Thanks, Randy
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