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  1. This could be true because I also noted that the amount of memory available is much smaller than 256 bytes. The 818 only has 128bytes I think... Well, if you happen to find a bug, are you going to publish some patch shortly or should I find some workaround for this problem temporarily?
  2. Sorry, previous postingS "took off" !!! I might have found a bug in the compiler. I'm using the 16F819 CHIP and I think there is a bug when swithcing banks. Compiler version is the newest 5.2 (registered). I have declared "global" variable FLAGS at top without giving the exact location. ** CLIP from C-source ** char FLAGS; ... void initChip() { porta = 0; portb = 0; trisb = 0; trisa = 0; FLAGS = 0xff; FLAGS = 0x00; } ** CLIP END ** ** Resulting ASM-Code ** *Definition part * ## The flag goes to address 0x51, which is in BANK0 _FLAGS
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