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  1. wow...thanks for the hint.... sounds like there a missing hook in mplab...works fine in boostC environment. regads pierre288 ----------------------------------------
  2. Hi, I've been using boostC for few months now and I'm still in the learning process, as well as refreshing my C coding concepts... I'm not sure this is a bug in the compiler, or my lack of experience, but I would need help solving my problem. I need to generate an application using a 18F4550 port A as a digital output. All my attempts to get anything out of lower bits (bits 3 through 0...) failed... Adcon configuration used and test code are as follows: /* Turn all ports to DIGITAL IO */ adcon0 = 0B00000000; adcon1 = 0B00001111; adcon2 = 0B00000000; trisa = 0B
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