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  1. Yes this is the exact reason. BoostBasic does not recognise 'float' data type. We have already fixed this problem and after this fix were able to use BoostC floating point library with BoostBasic. This fix will be available in the next release (or update) Regards, Pavel Following help from Pavel, I can get the maths functions to work, but some of the comparison functions fail, namely: ge, gt, ge_quiet and gt_quiet. For example, using "Extern Function float32_ge(a as float, b as float) as boolean", together with "result = call float32_ge(x1,x3)", where result, x1 and x3 are float type
  2. I need to use floating point maths with BoostBasic, but I get silly errors with the most trivial program. Using the Extern function, the following line generates an error and fails to compile:- Extern Function float32_add(x1 as float,x2 as float) as float The compiler lists two errors:- Missing right paren(thesis) Missing data type I cannot see a missing right parenthesis and I have tried various permutations with no success. I have added "float.pic18.lib" to the project (I am using a PIC18F452) Does anyone have any ideas?
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