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  1. Analogues of C2C built-in functions are included into BoostC system header file (include\boostc.h) that is included via system.h header. Currently is has nop/clear_wdt/sleep inline functions and clear_bit/set_bit macros (and you are welcome to add more). Regards, Pavel
  2. The next generation Boost C compiler has been release. It is a part of SourceBoost IDE 5.6 release that is available to download from http://www.picant.com/c2c/download.html Regards, Pavel
  3. A want to add that there will be a few string functions included into BoostC compiler system library. Regards, Pavel
  4. Can you provide steps to reproduce this problem. Regards, Pavel
  5. Check if the compile target matches the target from wizard. Regards, Pavel
  6. For which platforms (processors) did you compile code "in all the IDEs you've used before"? Regards, Pavel
  7. WinSock doesn't depend on hardware running on the other side of the connection. Communication is based on either TCP or UDP protocol. On PIC writing UDP support is easier than TCP because UDP requires much less code (but from other hand UDP isn't that reliable so you must use other lind of flow control over UDP) Regards, Pavel
  8. SourceBoost doesn't include any programmer software. This software comes with your programmer that you use to write code into PIC or SX target. An example of such software is IC-Prog from http://www.ic-prog.com/ Regards, Pavel
  9. Field no 2 is used for the programmer command line. Text from manual is just a sample. You need to specify the programmer software that you have. Regards, Pavel
  10. That's because c2c doesn't support typedef. Typedef will be fully suported in BoostC http://www.picant.com/boostc/teaser.html Regards, Pavel
  11. We tried to make BoostC as close to ANSI C as possible. It does fully support typedefs, struct/union and pointers. We also compared the code generated by BoostC with code generated by Hi-Tech. Amazingly we found that Hi-Tech generates wrong code when it deals with some corner cases. BoostC uses machine generated assembly templates for different operations and that makes it generate correct and shorter code including the places where Hi-Tech miserably fails. Regards, Pavel
  12. C++ compiler will be added later. (If we added C++ compiler together with C alpha release would move somewhere 8-12 months forward). We rather release C now and C++ later than do both much later. We are also looking to add some C++ features into C for users who want to use them. The first in line will be overloading (when functions with same name but different number and types of arguments can exist in same code). No floats in the first release. Cost and upgrade policy hasn't been finalized yet. Preliminary plan is to have several types of licenses (lite,standard and pro). The lite
  13. The next generation C compiler will be released soon. Follow this link for more information. Regards, Pavel
  14. This happens because you have a variable declared inside if-scope and initialize it with function call. C2C compiler handles all locals at the beginning of a function (it doesn't have notion of variables declared in internal scopes within a function). That's why variable 'b' is initialized unconditionally. Regards, Pavel
  15. Make sure you have the Pascal compiler toolsuit current. Go to the Settings->Toolsuit menu and select the P2C-plus toolsuit. Regards, Pavel
  16. These files are located in the "Output" folder in project tree. This means that they are generated during compilation. A project is built when none of these files may be presend but once the project is built all these files will be created. When you compile .asm file gets generated, when this .asm is assembled .lst and .hex files get generated. Regards, Pavel
  17. The latest plugin API (2.00) was changed to be independant of MFC and compiler. A plugin can be written in C or C++ by any compiler that generates code for Windows. The plugin template that is available to download from the compiler web site was written under MSVC and uses MFC internally but not in the API. Regards, Pavel
  18. I got the impression that the free MSVC version doesn't include windows api and can be used for console applications only. If that's the case plugin can not be built using free MSVC version. Regards, Pavel
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