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  1. You lost the Count value from project file: [Files] Count=1 File0=pr001.c Regards, Pavel PS: Code inside IDE that handles projects and workspaces was rewritten between 7.02 and 7.03. That's the reason you see bugs like this. We are very interested to fix those and appreciate any help. If you know how to reproduce a problem please let us know. If we can reproduce it we will fix it.
  2. Have you tried to use parallel compilation that has been added in v7? A 4-core computer can easily compile 5 source files in parallel what will reduce your compile time to couple of minutes. Another option is remote compilation (also introduced in v7) where a powerful remote computer can be set up as a build server. Regards, Pavel
  3. And that's exactly what your code instructs compiler to do. You declare variable in a header file and than include this header into multiple sources. Result will be o copy of this variable declared in every source file. Regards, Pavel
  4. We are not asking you not to use spaces. We ask you to try it. This will give us more information that will help to locate and fix the problem. If it still won't work error must be somewhere else. But if it will work we know exactly where the problem is. Regards, Pavel
  5. Here are a few of simple but very effective rules that are relevant to SourceBoost and most (if not any) other compilers: - use the smallest data type possible (i.e. code that operates on char variables is much shorter than code tat operates on longs) - use unsigned data types if possible (code that uses unsigned types is either same or often smaller than the code that uses signed) - use integer types rather than floats (code that uses floats is much-much bigger than the code that uses integers) Regards, Pavel
  6. Yes this is possible in V7 as well as in V6. Do it according to ANSI C. A common way is to put struct declaration into a header file. Include this header into a source file where you want to use extern struct declaration and declare it like: extern struct Foo f; Regards, Pavel
  7. I'd either use 2 tables for low and high bytes or one table that store low and high byte separately and combine their values to get a 16 bit number when needed. Regards, Pavel
  8. Anything that can be shared between several source files goes to .h These are usually defines, typedefs and struct/union/class definitions. Everything else goes to .c files. Regards, Pavel
  9. If this is about the extended instruction set there are no plans to make SourceBoost compilers work with it. Regards, Pavel
  10. Yes we do have a plugin for the BoostC compiler to work with MPLABX. When MPLABX is released this plugin will be part of SourceBoost installation. Before that we may release it stand alone. Regards, Pavel
  11. Have you turned off extended instruction set? SourceBoost compilers don't support it and code that they produce won't run correctly if extended instruction set is enabled. Regards, Pavel
  12. Please zip all files in your project directory and send it along with a note that mentions full path to this project location to support@sourceboost.com We'll try to reproduce the problem. Next thing to do is to move your project to a location that does not have spaces in the path. If this does not help you need to re-create project by first creating an empty project, copying source files from the original project to the new project directory and adding them to the new project. Regards, Pavel
  13. All SourceBoost compilers use little endian for all targets. Regards, Pavel
  14. No problem. Check you PM. Regards, Pavel
  15. As Reynard noted you don't have any project or workspace open. Opening a source file in IDE does not open a project. You need to go to a Workspace menu and either create or open an existing project. Regards, Pavel
  16. This happens when no project/workspace is open in SourceBoost IDE. Because there is no project open neither Options nor Target make any sense. Try to open an existing project or create a new one and both Options and Target dialogs will show some data. Regards, Pavel
  17. Try to re-install SourceBoost. This will fix the damages done by Norton SONAR. Here is a link to relevant topic Regards, Pavel
  18. This is a compiler limitation: only default constructor of a base class can be used when construction an inherited object. Regards, Pavel
  19. Very good bug reports. Small, clear, easy to reproduce and all were easy to fix :)


  20. Fixed. Fix will be available in 7.02. Thanks for reporting. Regards, Pavel
  21. Fixed. Fix will be available in 7.02. Thanks for reporting. Regards, Pavel
  22. Fixed. Fix will be available in 7.02. Thanks for reporting. Regards, Pavel
  23. Fixed. Fix will be available in 7.02. Thanks for reporting. Regards, Pavel
  24. Both are fixed. Fix will be available in 7.02. Thanks for reporting. Regards, Pavel
  25. This one is very minor and affects only limited (just one ) number of users. Will not fix. Regards, Pavel
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