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  1. hello, I'm looking the way to set up the ID LOCATIONS in a 16F877A using boostC ide. Is there a way to do this?? thanks Jorge
  2. good, I did it and now I can see the warning. Thanks for your time.
  3. Thanks Reynard, I suspected it!. So there are in the Forum at least 3 or 4 wrong examples using delay_ms(500). The corious thing is that they work fine with the simulation software without any warning or error message. bye. Jorge
  4. Hello, I´m a newie. I started with the proyects posted in section for beginners and I have the following problem: I tested the proyect "binary progression" and all works ok in simulation, but when I wired in a proyect board, the delays programmed run faster than should be. I measured about 200ms with my oscilloscope and the programed value was 500ms , its a big difference. Later I changed delay_ms(500) for delay_s(2). In this case it works ok, ie programmed values are very similar to measured ones. Is there a range values that could be used inside delays functions like
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