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  1. A project demonstrating the issue would be most helpful as it seems changing any one of a number of things makes it go away. Regards Dave Hi Dave, You may have noticed, I posted (a page or so above) that I have sent you a project already (support@sourceboost.com)... Look forward to hearing about your progress with tracking the issue down. Rgds, Hayden
  2. hmm.. it appears i can get the linker error to occur every time that I include the statement: #pragma CLOCK_FREQ 4000000 Commenting this line makes it work (and repeatedly stops working if i uncomment it again). Maybe a lead? Hayden
  3. SourceBoost IDE output: Building... BoostLink Optimizing Linker Version 6.70 http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2007 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2007 David Hobday Warning unreferenced functions removed: setBit in: C:\Firmware\Picsie.c clearBit in: C:\Firmware\Picsie.c fillFrame in: C:\Firmware\Picsie.c setCurrentMode in: C:\Firmware\Picsie.c getCurrentMode in: C:\Firmware\Picsie.c writeAnimation in: C:\Firmware\Animation.c COM_buffFull in: C:\Firmware\Comms.c COM_buffEmpty in: C:\Firmware\Comms.c eeprom_locked in: C:\Firmware\E
  4. Ok.. I've provided a copy of my project in which the problem is currently occuring. Should appear in your email inbox... Hayden
  5. If you can provide a project that demonstrates the problem it would be appreciated. Please send to support@sourceboost.com. Regards Dave Hi Dave, I'll try and reproduce it again and next time it surfaces I'll fwd it to your support email address. The project I'm working on is just me playing around in my free time and is not commercially sensitive. Helping out is the least I can do for you guys putting together such a fantastic toolset. Hayden
  6. I had this problem too. I tried moving the source to a place with a shorter path and it seemed to build OK after that. The problem would happen when using both the MPLab IDE and the SourceBoost IDE (indicating it was a problem with the SourceBoost toolset). This was using v6.85. Hope that helps.
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