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  1. 16F1827, release build and v7.20 compiler. I've started a new project and, worryingly, i cant reproduce. Can you please give me an email address and i'll email you the project that does reproduce the error for investigation.
  2. Create an interrupt function, add a static volatile unsigned char to the function: void interrupt() { static volatile unsigned char nDisplayId = 0; nDisplayId++; }
  3. Shameless bump- its been a week and no response from the developers.....
  4. I believe i have a bug with static volatile unsigned char: I have sent you my project via email. Can you please let me know if you have received it please. static volatile unsigned char nDisplayId = 0; // Indictes which display needs updating. 03A7 0020 MOVLB 0x00 03A8 11EF BCF CompGblVar54,3 03AB 11EF BCF CompGblVar54,3 03B0 11EF BCF CompGblVar54,3 03B5 11EF BCF CompGblVar54,3 03BA 11EF BCF CompGblVar54,3 03BF 11EF BCF CompGblVar54,3 03C4 11EF BCF CompGblVar54,3 03C9 11EF BCF CompGblVar54,3 03CE 11EF BCF CompGblVar54,3 03D3 11EF BCF CompGblVar54,3 0
  5. TomF

    Simulator Speed

    Awesome thanks. MAkes perfect sense now
  6. Not sure if its a bug? If i set the simulator clock to < 100k, the simulator simulates at 100k. Im trying to simulate a device running at 32kHz, and the simulator appears to be running the code at 0.3MHz (300k) ?
  7. Hey! Did you find a fix for this? Ive just started using mplabX and there are loads of syntax problems shown, but sourceboost compiles just fine: errors are: bool, intrinsic functions such as set_bit, clear_bit etc.., porta, portb, etc.. ?
  8. If you run the program continuously for days without shutting it down, compiling every 10 mins or so, eventually the icons on the toolbar disappear because the program is leaking memory. Look in task manager, compile, compile again, and again and again. Each compile uses more and more memory. I've just closed the program as it was using 200M or ram, re-opened it, and now it is using 77M ram. Each compile appears to add 1.5M to the usage in task manager.
  9. Thanks for the clarification, phew, good job im not using the 44 pin device and the parallel port feature ;-)
  10. The PIC 18F2620 device is missing the TRISE register. The same device (with less memory) 18F2525 has the TRISE reg defined.
  11. bump bump BUMP ! I reported this in 2011, its now 2 years later, and find STILL DOES NOT WORK when code is folded. This is a fundamental feature of any editor. Any chance of fixing this? ever???
  12. This compiles: bool bNewState = true; bool bCurrentOutputState = test_bit(LAT_DIGITAL_OUT, PIN_DIGITAL_OUT); if( bNewState != bCurrentOutputState ) { } This compiles: bool bNewState = true; if( bNewState != (test_bit(LAT_DIGITAL_OUT, PIN_DIGITAL_OUT) ? true:false) ) { } This doesn't: bool bNewState = true; if( bNewState != (bool) test_bit(LAT_DIGITAL_OUT, PIN_DIGITAL_OUT) ) { } Any idea what is wrong with the 3rd code segment?
  13. "C:\Program Files\SourceBoost7\boostc_pic16.exe" -16x -t PIC16LF1827 -idx 1 -obj Release -d _RELEASE main.c comms.c helpers.c "Internal Eeprom.c" DebugComms.c BoostC Optimizing C Compiler Version 7.10 (for PIC16 architecture) http://www.sourceboost.com Copyright© 2004-2012 Pavel Baranov Copyright© 2004-2012 David Hobday
  14. What is the filename for the buildlog?
  15. Create a new file type (dont add ln, thats the line numbers!): ln1 hello ln2 ln3 hello ln4 ln5 hello ln6 place the cursor at line 1 CTRL+F enter: hello uncheck all options, select "down". Press OK, The text is found at ln 3 Press F3, The text is found at ln 1 Press F3, the text is found at ln 5 Press F3, the text is found at ln 1 Press F3, The text is found at ln 5 Press F3, The text is found at ln 1 etc I use find all the time, and its not finding all instances, i have to use an external text editor. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
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