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    Sprintf32 Bug?

    Thanks. That helped me realize I loaded an old version that didn't have that function yet. Robert
  2. rdh8

    Sprintf32 Bug?

    This is the only reference to sprintf32 I can find. When I try and compile using this command I get this error: error: unknown identifier 'sprintf32' What am I missing here?? Thanks, Robert
  3. No errors here.You didn't specify datatype of iVariable. Assuming it's signed short it's value will always be smaller than 0xFFE0 which is 65504. Regards, Pavel It was type INT. It was code I ported from C2C where INT was always unsigned. Thanks, Robert
  4. Using BoostC 6.6 in MPLAB IDE This function: if(iVariable < 0xFFE0) { more code here} return Results in this assembly: MOVLW 0xFF BCF STATUS, RP0 BCF STATUS, RP1 SUBWF gbl_iVariable+D'1', W BTFSS STATUS,Z GOTO label1 MOVLW 0xE0 SUBWF gbl_iVariable, W label1 BTFSS STATUS,C GOTO label2 BTFSS gbl_iVariable+D'1',7 RETURN label2 more code here If I am reading this code correctly. If iVariable = 0xFFE0. After the second SUBWF status bit C will be zero and it will execute 'more code here' when it should actually return. Thoughts? Robert
  5. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks, I will try that, again. I paid for the upgrade last year and it didn't go so well. The SourceBoost IDE I was using V5 didn't work anymore and BoostC is just command line. So I went back to what I was using and found work arounds for the bugs. Also the programs I had compiled under C2C wouldn't compile anymore. I will try to add BoostC V6 to the SourceBoost IDE I currently run V5 and see if that works. Unless I am doing something wrong, I didn't expect to upgrade and be forced back to command line.... Robert
  6. Using SourceBoost 5.9.7 with toolsuite C2C-plus I am compiling a program for the 16F688. It just grew to over 0x800. The compiler does not change the program page so any functions above 0x800 actually access page0. Under Settings/Options/Compile Options Tab/Advance button there is something called "Dont generate code page change instructions" but this does nothing to the assembly code. Ideas? Thanks Robert
  7. I have a pointer defined like this: char* pi8_EEData; When I use it like this: *pi8_EEData = 10; It compiles with no error but the assempler(MPASM) complains because the ASM file reads as such: ;;;;;;;; *pi8_EEData = 10; movlw D'10' movwf _code_tmp_0000 movlw D'_pi8_EEData' movwf FSR movf _code_tmp_0000 , W movwf INDF If I remove the D and quotes its happy. Why does it add the D'' around the pointer??
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