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  1. Good question. If more than one task or thread of execution wants to share a resource then semaphores are a much better fit. If only two tasks or threads want to share a resource, and one of them wants to do the foreground processing, then waking and sleeping is probably much neater. Regards Dave
  2. Taga1, Sorry by the PIC10F200 has a 12bit instruction core and so cannot be readily supported by the BoostC compiler which only supports targets with 14bit and 16bit instructions. Regards Dave
  3. hyperion007, I don't believe that fround() is a standard 'C' function, is it? Regards Dave
  4. Kenn, There are no virus's in there, it is a false detection. We recommend pushing any such files through www.virustotal.com virus checker, which uses a number of antivirus programs, for you own peace of mind. Regards Dave
  5. Chen, This is an Internal Error, ie something gone wrong between compiler and linker - which may or may not be a problem in your code. To reproduce this problem we could really do with a simplified project that builds and demonstrates the problem. Please send to support@sourceboost.com Regards Dave
  6. Remi, Your problems are unexpected. Please provide a small but complete program demonstrating the issue then we can take a look. Regards Dave
  7. Mike, If you need a specific version we can make it temporarily available. Regards Dave
  8. Dimitris , I have never heard of this problem - no one else complains. So I can only imagine that it is a function of you system or installation. Let us know if you find the cause. Regards Dave
  9. Mike, The url format is (example of V7.10): "http://www.sourceboost.com/CommonDownload/Binaries/SourceBoostV7.10/sourceboostv710.exe" There is no guarantee that older version will be there as the server space is reclaimed. Regards Dave
  10. TomF, This does seem to be a problem. The work around for now is to move these variable declarations outside the function body. Regards Dave
  11. We don't seem to have the project, please re-send to support@sourceboost.com Regards Dave
  12. erikhaverkamp, Remember that setting single bits directly on a port cause a Read Modify Write process. The read process reading what is actually on the port, rather than what was last written. When the port is read as part of setting bit 5 bit 4 must be read as being low, hence low is written back to it. Typical cause of such a problem is capacitive loading of the port, causing the voltage on the actual pin to take time to rise. On some devices LAT registers exist which don't suffer from this problem as reading them give the last written value rather than the actually pin value. Another method is to keep your own shadow register of the whole port and modify that, and then it will be written without reading the port. I hope that makes sense. Regards Dave
  13. Dave

    Simulator Speed

    TomF Not a bug :-) The simulator always runs as fast as it can. Telling the simulation environment a different clock rate tells the plugins what the clock speed is. This enables the stopwatch plugin (for example) to report times in standard units rather than just ticks, or the LCD plugin to determine how many clock ticks for it's fixed time delays. Regards Dave
  14. Micmar, Yes it is compatible with Poteus, but I will admit I haven't tried it lately. Regards Dave
  15. Micmar, A COF file is produced during the linking process. What else are you wanting? Regards Dave
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