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  1. Hi, I recently just purchased BoostC++ v.696 and I then looked at the version number! yikes, x.96 makes me think (and reading the forums) that a new version if due soon. Will i have to pay full price for new version (ie should i have just used the demo for a few weeks)? or because I bought it recently, can I get some kind of upgrade discount? Thanks Guy
  2. Hi, The thing im missing the most are post-build steps. ie. run a command line after compile/link. I want to be able to automatically copy my library and h files to a folder after each library build. ICD2 debugging support would also be nice as well as, ADC and UART support for the 18F simulators Thanks! Guy
  3. Im not sure if you have to and never got a reg key for it. Anyone know? Thanks
  4. Hi, im trying to do some adc coding on a 18F2685 and am using C++. I noticed that adc.pic18.lib is missing (all the other 16/18 pairs are there) Is this an bug/omission or is it deliberate? If it isn't a bug... any clues towards doing adc stuff on a 18F? Thanks Guy PS. sorry if this is in the wrong category...
  5. Thanks Pavel! by the looks of it, it only seems to support 16f87x.... I don't suppose anyone has seem a version that supports 18fxxx chips?
  6. Hi, I am trying to use my ICD2 to program directly from within the BoostC IDE. On this forum I found a post saying the 'ICD2Prog.exe' could do the job (an exe from piklab) The post was: (http://www.sourceboost.ipbhost.com/lofiversion/index.php/t3357.html) Ive downloaded piklab and can't find the above mentioned file... can anyone help me locate it? Thanks! Guy
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