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  1. Hello, I am using a PIC16F684 to control two servomotors and a variable dc motor. I am having trouble outputting the AD values from my accelerometer and interfacing the servomotors. Some of the problems that I have encountered are as follows: I will be using two servomotors but there is only one PWM modulated output from the PR1 register. The two servomotors will need to operate separately based on the accelerometer readings. The variable dc motor will control the speed of the airplane. This means that a square wave signal with a varying frquency will need to be output to increase and dec
  2. I was able to get the problem fixed. It was a compiler issue with the software I was using. The other problem that I have run into is that I am trying to operate 2 servomotors and a variable dc motor with a PWM code. I was able to get the PWM registers working for a 20ms PWM. However, this PIC will only allow me to control one motor. I know that I can vary the PWM for three different motors easily. But how can I output that PWM signal to control three different motors using interrupts that incorporate getting data from a 3-axis accelerometer. Here's some code that I used to get the PWM ou
  3. Hello, I was having trouble getting some code to produce in the proper start vector for a PIC16F684 using sourceBoost C compiler. Could anyone offer a hand with solving this problem. I have an asm program that works fine. But my program starts at address 0x03 rather than 0x04. This is keeping some of my code from working. But the asm code from someone else works. Could you please take a look at this for me and give me a hand with setting up the proper program start vector in C. The only code that I have available on this laptop is asm in text docs. Here is the co
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