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  1. Look on Ebay. I got a JDM programmer, cheap, that I have liked. Your mileage may vary. Russ i got one too. its immense - £5.* with 40pin and 18pin ZIF sockets. JDM design and powered off the serial port http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/JDM-PIC-Programmer-M...%3A1|240%3A1318 hmm... appears the price has gone up, but its a very nicely working progger and comes fully assembled with a serial cable
  2. i have recently built an led cube and the anodes of the leds are connected to latb and latc and layer slect on latd on a pic 18f4520. i can flash the intire port on and off like this: latd = 0x01; latc = 0xff; delay_s(1); latc = 0x00; delay_s(1); this enables layer 0 and flashes latc with an interval of 1 second. what i cannot do is make latc.1 and latc.4 operate independantly of each other. i sut the ports up with all outputs (trisc = 0x00;) and i am using timer0 for the interrupt on my cube. this is the config i have: #pragma DATA _CONFIG1H, _OSC_HSPLL_1H #pragma DATA _CONFI
  3. hi all to whoever posted the #pragma DATA thing with the different registers not 0x2007, many thanks. i now have an 80MHz pic running on a 20MHz osc with PLL. thanks very much james
  4. hi im trying to do the same thing with an 18F4520. i compiled in boostc 18F and i get an error with the assembler part. otherwise i get no other errors. james ps. perhaps try #pragma DATA 0x2007, (then your config bits without the brackets with an '&' between each argument) look in the associated include file for your pic and see what #defines there are and the datasheet always helps
  5. hi. i have recently downloaded the 6.9 version boostc ide from the website and tried to install it over my existing 6.8 on wine on ubuntu 8.04. it work perfectly last time, but before i reinstalled it would not compile anything with for loops in it complaing about sopmething on the actual line. later, when i tried to install the compiler, it said an internal error of 6BA. any help would be much appreceated as i love my pic progging lol. james waples, 14
  6. tha latest sourceboost ide works great on the latest wine, but native linux support would be a dream come true. and a suitcase full of money... if you could get it to interface with the linux command line, any existing progger software could be used which would speed up development massively. thanks very much for considering linux and PLEASE go ahead with the project. for the widgets and stuff could i recomend wither QT (kde, but there's v3 and v4 for kde3 and kde4 or w.e.) which works with gnome and kde (the main desktops) or GTK2.0 for gnome which i THINK works with kde (?? correct me if im
  7. and when I uncomment the #include <eeprom.h> file I get the following errors... I have never encountered such errors using other compilers so Im kinda stumped... I have tried playing around with a few bits and pieces but to no solution. Thanks in advance for any replies I might get. i personally am looking into using the eeprom to store frames for a 3x3x3 led cube but i havent got round to coding it yet. may i suggest including eeprom.c (it may not exist as i downloaded extra libraries from the net, no url soz). it probably wont work, but ill post any news i have i
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