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    eeprom demo

    Hi all, first error is in name of function. This function don't write to flash but to eeprom. Flash is used for program. So, I have to add one line to correct this function. char read_flash( char addr ) { //Read flash eeadr = addr; clear_bit( eecon1, EEPGD ); //!!!!!!!! see Microchips docs set_bit( eecon1, RD ); asm movf _eedata, W } Hi George
  2. Hi, I have problems with my project. I have some assembler routines and I want to use them in my C-project. One way is in-line assembler, but in this case compiler is very stupid. See this: ;;;;;;;;asm{ ;;;;;;;; BCF STATUS, 0x0006 ;;;;;;;; BCF STATUS, 0x0005 ; Bank 0 ;;;;;;;; bsf PORTB,5 ;LED ;network activity LED ;;;;;;;; movlw _INBUFFER ;;;;;;;; movwf FSR ;;;;;;;; movlw 0FH ;;;;;;;; movwf _COUNTER ;;;;;;;; bcf STATUS,0x0000 ;;;;;;;; clrwdt ;;;;;;;; clrwdt ;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;} bcf STATUS, RP0 bcf STATUS, RP1 BCF STATUS, 0x0006 BCF STATUS, 0x0005 ; B
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