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  1. Thanks for the reply Dave. The devices are on dinky little demo boards from Sure Electronics: http://www.sureelectronics.net/goods.php?id=665 These come free with some of their lcd modules, or can be bought separately. I bought some just to mess around with, and for some projects I have in mind. The notes with the boards: http://www.sureelectronics.net/pdfs/DE-LD007_Ver1.0_EN.pdf show the circuit etc. but the last few pages are a C program which they have used to program the on board pic. I spent some time as a bit of a learning exercise translating this code to C++ and have got it to ru
  2. Hello After spending many happy hours with assembly language in MPLAB I bit the bullet and started to learn C++. I have the full license for SourceBoost C++ and using the MPLAB IDE with an ICD2 programmer. I've come unstuck as I need to program 16F54 devices. The MPLAB allows the device to be selected, but not SourceBoost. My code runs happily on the sourceboost simulator if I change the device type to something like 16F84, but I can't get it onto my 16F54 devices via MPLAB. Is it possible to add the 16F54 to C++ or perhaps give instructions as to how to add new devices? Thanks Mi
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