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  1. Hi, I wondered if any one can tell me what these codes are: symbol Delay=b8 symbol PWin=w0 symbol PWout=b2 symbol PWinPrev=b3 symbol PWinErr=b6 symbol skip=b4 . Is it Asmebely, Basic, Hex or what ever and how can I use Booster C to run this program. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I am so new at this. I am trying to learn how to program a chip in 12 series. I have no clue how to delete the codes from the chip, modify the code and then burn it into chip and see if I like how my modification worked. I got a simple LED to blink, but now even if I have a blank page and I compile a blank page and then run it, it gives me a bliking LED. What's up with at?? I am using PicKit2 and bread board. Thanks alo for help. Also I don't know where I can find a manual telling me what all those comands such as _Config and such mean or codes such as PWin, pause, ski
  3. Hi all I am wondering if any one can tell me how to get ahold of a "Free" Boost C with out any time limit. I will use this platform in rare occsion and I don't need all the bells and whisles it have. To me that's to much money to spend for this. Also pleas be very specific if you can help about how to go about it such as 1) go to c:\this\that\mine 2) click on my c 3) look at bottom og the page where it said this and that I hope I made sense. Thanks all
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