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  1. It hasn't happened again, yet, so maybe it was just me.
  2. My target is a PIC18F458, and I noticed that the p18f458.h which is generated from P18F458.INC with inc2h seems to have the incorrect addresses for the configuration bits. They are supposed to be mapped to 0x300001 and so on. The fix is to change this section in \SourceBoost\include\p18f458.h: //============================================= // Configuration Bits #define _CONFIG1H 0x3000 #define _CONFIG2L 0x3000
  3. After one or two compiles or builds, SourceBoost won't compile or build any more and I have to close it and restart. The error is the "Warning: can't start preprocessor". I read the two other similar problems, but those were for an older update of BoostC, whereas my problem is with the newest (as of 11/07/04) install EXE that installs BoostC 1.6 alpha and the SourceBoost IDE 5.7. Ok...now I just pressed compile again, got another failure, and then pressed Build again and this time it works and builds successfully...at other times its appears the compiler hangs or allows me to start m
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